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sailor moon painting, 40.9 x 31.8, acrylic on canvas

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Smoothest pick up line ever.

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Reprint and Use without permission is prohibited.

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

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Gakuen K —— Interview with Kaji Yuki


How did you feel when you heard about the “K Anime” being made into an Otome Game?

Tatara would be able to be included as a member! And I was somewhat glad (lol). In the main story he’s already dead so…

Please tell us your impressions after finishing recording.

It’s a school life where everyone is having fun. It’s very heartwarming. Tatara is happy as well! In the main story he’s already dead so…

Please tell us about a episode that made an impression that you would recommend.

Lively school events such as the sports festival and school trip left a deep impression. In the main story he’s already dead so…

Aside from the one you played, which character were you interested in?

King. Mikoto and Tatara are two people in one. They both have different appeal, and I think it’s a very good combination. What’s more… in the main story they’re already dead so…

Please give a message to all the readers who are looking forward to this work.

The amount of lines I had put me in first or second place out of all the characters that made an appearance. There weren’t much of it in the anime, so please enjoy the conversations with the other characters. After all, he’s already dead…

Edit: tweaked a few lines thanks to endless-season's suggestion!

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I was finally able to draw 2 of my actual lovely animal crossing neighbors.

I love julian and merengue. I see them both often together walking trough my little flower park I created and think they make a cute couple :D

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I've been holding back a lot for a long time. I was never able to say what I want. I've always done what you told me to and I've never enjoyed any of it. But that's because I am weak.
Ive just kept running away from facing you Mom anf Dad.

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Oh my god could you imagine K character in dorms together. Holy shit bro I would want Kuroh and Yukari to be stuck as dorm mates and Yukari is obsessed with how the room is decorated. 

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Exeter, september 2012.

Charity bookshop.

Personal work.

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